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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Resetting Epson T10-, Epson T11 and Epson Tx200, I have many question about how to reset Epson T11, some write to me about this. I never tried this procedure before so everything that you do is your own risk. If this procedure worked for you let me or us know about it. It will help and save cost for printer.

Here is the procedure for resetting Epson T10-, Epson T11 and Epson Tx200:

1.. Turn off the printer, then move the cartridge carrier to the right side of the printer, and then take out the original cartridges.
2.. Use the screwdriver to remove the cover of the cartridge carrier. beware of when opening this cartridge cover.
3.. Push the cartridge carrier to the right side.
4.. Slide the cartridge under the bar, and take out the cartridges from right side.
5.. Move the cartridge carrier back to the middle position of compartment, in order to install the cartridges.
6.. Install the cartridge in their corresponding color position.
7.. Place the T shape adhesive pad on the middle position of compartment.
8.. Place the square adhesive pad on the left position of the printer.
9.. Attach the tubing between the T shape adhesive pad and square adhesive pad.
10.. Place adjust the tubing line, make sure the tubes are not twisted and are straight, with enough room to move back and forth freely with the cartridge compartment movement line.
11.. The installation is completed.
We are not responsible for damaged, all you do is you own risk because we never tried it before. Let us know if this procedure worked.

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